Spaloon Men’s Spa: A Little Oasis For Him

We can all agree that men should not be left behind in the world of spas and salon services. They can have their own little oasis where they get special treatments to relax and unwind.

Spaloon’s men spa has opened its third branch in Holiday Inn Hotel, North Al Mawaleh boasting itself as a spa like no other. This is a brand new luxury being offered to only men who wish to have a special time taking care of themselves with a variety of spa treatments such as ​massage​.

Just like the regular spa meant for ladies, Spaloon is offering plenty of services for him. Think of it as a personal shopping experience created only for men.

The new Spaloon is a place where you can leave all your worries and stress behind to experience harmony, tranquillity, and inner peace. We offer you a ‘personal’ journey that is dedicated to revitalising your body, mind and soul, in the hands of professional therapists who will help you choose the perfect treatment that suits your mood, spirit and skin care needs.

The treatments at the place are inspired by a combination of ancient old traditions and new treatment modalities. their signature massages is a fusion of mild stretch exercises, acupressure, skin rolling, kneading and stroking, reflexology and aromatherapy oils. The result boosts the flow of blood, oxygen and ‘Qi’ (energy) in the body.

With an array of services such as grooming, shaving, trimming and waxing and shaving, and more elaborate services such as manscaping, the gentlemen are truly in for the ultimate experience.

The spa understands what men want and provides it properly for with utmost quality. It has the commitment to do it for men who long for a good spa day.


Care for a treatment? Contact Spaloon:

Al Mawaleh: +968 2455 8900
Whatsapp: +968 9741 7415

Al Ghubra: +968 2461 6838
Whatsapp: +968 9143 1430        

Al Qurum: +968 2466 2906
Whatsapp: +968 9143 1432

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