Omani Stars of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort


Omanisation is currently a key driver in Oman’s private sector with over ninety-six percent Omanis proactively being employed by international brands to keep in line with the country’s vision. Luxury resort, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar supports this movement and continues to focus on diversification by its progression in Omanisation. With the on-going promotion of existing employees and recruitment of new Omani employees the resort is well on its way to keep in line with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s vision for the tourism sector. With 90 and aiming to surpass 100 by the end of the year, Omani employees working across every department from engineering and front office to sales and finance, the five-star mountain resort continues to remain committed to providing a variety of career opportunities to the local community through the years.

The resort’s drive to recruit locally is aligned with Anantara’s brand promise to connect guests with the service, ground them with authentic luxury and host them with passionate experience. In early 2018, a BBC documentary starred the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar resort in its popular UK TV show Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby. The documentary highlighted the resort, the Omani culture that surrounds it as well as shedding light on Omanisation and its importance within the region. Being a part of this experience encouraged many local recruits to extend their cultural hospitality and bring forth the passion for their country.

An example of this is Maher Al Riyami, currently Recreation Supervisor since January 2018. Maher first joined the resort as a mountain Guru and is well known for his role in the BBC documentary. Maher says, “Being a part of the BBC filming has allowed me to open up my home, my heart, and my country to the world. Through TV I was able to show traditional Omani culture and display the authenticity of the country and what its people have to offer.” Maher has gone on to tremendously excel since he first joined and now also holds the runner up award title of “Fitness/Spa person of the year” from Hotelier Middle East Awards 2017. Most recently Maher has also appeared on MBC Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab taking the presenter, Haya Yaseem through his own village. He continues to serve guests and ensures the growth of culture and activity at the five-star resort in his new position.

Another star from the BBC documentary to join the resort, contribute to its growth and represent authentic Omani culture is Mubarak Al Shreiqui. A former soldier, Mubarak joined Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort in June 2016 as a driver. He is a true local from the green mountains of Oman and is proud to represent the country and provide guests with the opportunity to gain a unique insight into its the culture, history and landscape. A guest favourite member, he is a great addition to the luxury resort’s team.

Shakir Al Fahdi, previously Government Relations Officer and now Assistant HR Manager at the resort, Shakir has defined the Omanisation program in the resort with his progression and contribution towards the community as a part of the growing team. Being one of the first members to initiate the Omanisation program, Shakir has established strong relationships with several organizations as well as initiated training programs and conducted workshops to capture some of the most qualified local candidates in the community. Shakir Al Fahdi comments, “The best way to represent Oman is by showcasing, its people, its culture, heritage and nature, there is no better person that can do that except the Omanis themselves so I encourage every Omani to come forward and join this amazing industry that it will contribute highly to the country’s GDP as well as develop the beauty of Oman.

“I feel so proud to represent, lead, and help out my fellow Omani’s reach their own goals in their life and careers. Anantara has encouraged me to develop my professionalism in the work place. My responsibilities in the resort are bigger as my leaders have entrusted in me.’ says Mashaal Al Sawafi, Food Safety and Government Relations Manager. Previously Food Quality Manager, Mashaal was promoted to her current position in June 2018. She has been an integral part of the resort, planning several CSR activities such as clean ups, teaching English at the local schools and planning special events with the local community. “, I have never regretted starting my career in the hospitality industry and now am looking forward to inviting my Omani female friends to join my hotel, and am very excited to continue in my new position.” Mashaal aims to become the first Omani female General Manage in the upcoming five years.

Manar Al Sawafi, recently promoted Team Leader of Reservations says; “I recently celebrated my second anniversary with Anantara, I have been given an exceptional opportunity to grow in the time I have spent here. Learning and progressing myself in customer relations and using my language skills to enhance guests experience at the resort.”

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