How To Make The Most Of Your Spa Day

Spa Do’s And Don’ts

By Antara Bose


The mere thought of all that pampering leaves one sighing with pleasure, doesn’t it? But there’s nothing worse than expecting to come out feeling like a million bucks and ending up disappointed. A perfect spa session can go in vain if you don’t do your part right – it’s a two-way street! If you’re still fresh in the game, here’s what you need to know to make the most of your spa day.

1. Do go in early. Storming in at 8:59 when your appointment is at 9:00 isn’t ideal. Keep at least 15-20 minutes in hand before your scheduled slot. It would give your therapist the time to have a little chat with you about what your specific needs are. Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss enjoying the welcome drink, would you? 

2. Don’t go with a full stomach. Most massage sessions will involve you lying down and having to do that with a full stomach isn’t comfortable. Imagine having to battle your acid refluxes the whole time!

3. Do practice hygiene. A quick hot shower before the session will ensure you smell fresh. Not to mention, it’ll also open your pores and relax you before the session. Your therapists won’t complain out loud, but you definitely won’t be getting the best rub if they have to hold their breath all through the massage.

4. Don’t stay on your phone the whole time. It’ll stop you from really enjoying the massage and disturb your therapist too. Let go for a while and enjoy the ‘me’ time. 

5. Do avoid the bathroom breaks. If you need to, go to the bathroom before you start your session. Though you can ask your therapist to stop in between, it does disrupt the flow of the treatment.

6. Don’t feel obliged to make conversation with your therapist. There is no such thing as ‘awkward silence’ between the two of you. Of course, you can tell them if something is making you uncomfortable, but you can skip the rant about your workplace (that’ll probably let your therapist focus better too).   

7. Do communicate your needs to your therapist. Therapists are trained professionals who can feel areas of tension, but they can’t read your mind. More pressure, less pressure, soreness, tenderness, pain – whatever the problem is, say it out loud; it’s not rude. The same goes for the ambience. Lights, music or temperature – don’t be shy to let your therapist know. If you prefer the music loud, it really is your choice. No judging!

8. Don’t fret over grooming. Your therapist really won’t care if you’ve waxed or not. For certain treatments, it’s actually advisable to not wax just prior to the spa treatment. It’s always a good idea to check before booking a therapy.

9. Do keep your eyes closed. It relaxes the muscles in your head (for real), and if you’re getting a facial, it’ll prevent products from getting into your eyes too. 

10. Don’t get embarrassed if you fall asleep or your stomach lets out a rumble. Your therapist would probably smile at her own skills if you did fall asleep.  On the other hand, certain massages do stimulate digestion, so your body reacting to that is nothing to get conscious about.

11. Do ask about other amenities. A lot of spas allow you to relax in the sauna or soak in the pool after your session.  It’s the perfect way to unwind, so do enquire about what all are included in the package.

12. Don’t go out of your comfort zone. While most spa treatments would involve you disrobing, if that’s something that makes you uncomfortable, ask for treatments like the Thai Massage which lets you keep your robe on. Alternatively, just go in for a facial or a head and foot massage.

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