How To Dress To The Pantone Colour Palette

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Since Pantone announced its colour of the year, living coral has taken the internet by storm. We’ve seen pins rolling out a hundred ways to sport this colour, fashion bloggers and celebrities flaunting their OOTD in this much-loved shade and fashion weeks embracing this hue in more ways than one. But let’s not forget the rest of the palette Pantone laid out. Here’s our guide to the other trending colours of the season and exactly where you should be flaunting them.

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1. First Day at Work or University

While we don’t recommend the same attire for these two starkly different days, there is still a common thread that holds the two together. What is that, you ask? It’s the idea of playing it safe but still making a sober statement. Think about it, we’re all trying to make a good first impression, right? Keeping with the colour trends, you can’t go wrong with a woody shade that’s almost toffee-like. Well, to be honest, toffee is pretty much the colour. Grounded, reliable and definitely sweet, this shade will make sure you’re giving the warm vibes. It’s best paired with another neutral tone.

2. Opera

Termed ‘theatrical’ for all the right reasons, the pink peacock will make sure you enjoy your share of the limelight. A shade that draws itself from the fierceness of the reds and the elegance of the purples, this vivacious pink brings together freshness, allure and sheer provocative energy.

3. Lazy Day at the Beach

Just because your itinerary for the beach is ‘nothing but laze’, doesn’t mean that your outfit should say the same. Embrace the sun, sand, and spring with this delectable shade of mango mojito. Slip into a sheer kaftan or a crocheted beach dress in this perfectly balanced yellow-orange hue for a truly effortless look – like this beach-life is an everyday affair for you.

4. Late Night Barbecues

We’re leaning towards an enlivening shade of orange termed by Pantone as turmeric. This colour adds the two things that you’d be looking for when you’re aiming at a cosy night under the stars – a little warmth and a little spice. A mid-length coat frock is a great choice, but you can also use it in long coats or jackets to transit from warmer evenings to cooler nights.

5. Office Party

Formals and blues go hand-in-hand. But what about those slightly less formal occasions at the workplace where you’d want to jazz it up a wee bit? Let’s welcome the beautiful shade of princess blue. This cool shade of blue blends royalty with some glamour; just the right balance between being classy, elegant and captivating, but without making your colleagues feel like you could step on their toes.

6. Family Picnic

Soft, loving and innocent, this blushing shade termed as pressed rose is the perfect pastel pink you’d been yearning for (thank Pantone for the revelation). They look especially dainty in knee-length frocks or skirts paired with an off-white top.

7. Music Concert

Go as loud as the concert itself with a bold dress in this pulsating shade of red called the fiesta. A welcome twist to the scarlet from last year’s charts, the fiesta is alluring, energetic and yet approachable. This friendly hue of red almost beckons everyone around to come about asking for a dance.

8. Brunch with the ladies

Mirror the warmth of the sun with a fresh shade of lemon verbena. This borderline neon shade of yellow set the catwalks on fire in London Fashion Week and will compliment your cheerful attitude when you laugh your way through an exciting afternoon with the ladies. Pleated skirts, puffed sleeves, and net tops – whatever is your pick, you’ll love flaunting this feel-good colour.

9. Charity Function

If you’re thinking white, you’d be thrilled with Pantone’s variation to it. Blending the purity of white with the subtle grandeur of gold, the sweet corn continues to withhold in its heart the core values of both the tones. A whimsical long dress in this soft shade will whisper passion for a cause, the courage to make a difference, and the purity of the soul, all spiked with the ambitious spirit of a successful individual.

10. Game Night

Game night is all about letting your hair down and being yourself. Go easy yet fashionable with a comfortable pair of jumpsuit or baggy trousers in a casual, lively, and uncomplicated shade of green called pepper stem. This fuss-free colour easily blends with brighter or deeper hues and can even be worn as statement pieces.

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