4 Handbag Styles Every Women Should Own

By Reemsha Akbar

Handbags are ladies mini carry-around drawers that come in various styles and designs, dedicated for different purposes and occasions. With endless fashionable options, the right handbag can flatter your ensemble and complements your overall look.

As they say, a good handbag is a friend for life. So investing in a quality bag should be atop the list of priorities when shopping. Here are four types of bags every woman should own:

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The Shoulder Bag

Also known as a cross body bag, these popular handbags that come in small to medium sizes gives you great freedom of movement while looking chic. It sports an adjustable strap that allows you to either hold the handle or wear it on your forearm for an effortless look. Great for girly meetups and coffee.

Our pick: Fendi Kan I Shoulder bag for a classic look

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The Practical Tote

Tote bags are a stylish alternative inspired by plastic shopping bags and are perfect for beaching, shopping and travelling. This is the type of bag that can withstand a lot of weight, offering you loads of space to accommodate anything you carry. You can throw your groceries in there, a few swimming towels, or even a couple of books. How to rock this practical bag? Get yourself one in black or brown for everyday use and another one with a splash of bright colour for the beach.

Our pick: The Burberry vintage check, small reversible shopper.

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The Fashionable Backpack

A backpack is not only for students, but it is also a trendy item loved by street-style enthusiasts. This compact luggage carrier does not only offer the ultimate handsfree option, but it also adds a ton of character to your style. Available in different materials, the best choice is leather. Looks professional and stylish great for weekends and adventures.

Our pick: Michael Kors medium Leather Rhea zipped backpack. This bad boy is not going out of style anytime soon, it’s here to stay and for a very long time.

The Fancy Clutch

This is what I’d call the ultimate ladylike choice, a small rectangular bag. Clutches have become some of the most popular accessories, perfect for fancy outings, from date nights to formal occasions. Thanks to its small size, you can carry it on your hand. It comes with an option to adjust the handle to your liking. You could select either shoulder chain length, wrist handle or simply no handle.

Our pick: Jimmy Choo Champagne Glitter. The red carpet style and perfect for every elegant outfit you decide to wear.

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