15 Gift Ideas For Him

A Valentine’s Guide


Hunting down the perfect gift for him could seem like a daunting task, especially with Valentines Day right around the corner. This week we decided to put together a quick guide to help you buy the best item for your testosterone-filled companion. Our handy guide will enlighten you with ideas to match different personalities and cater to a variety of people. Here are 15 gift ideas for him:

1. Big Books
A good read is memorable. Encourage him with a good book of quotes or inspire him with a non-fiction read.

2. A Stylish Wallet
A man always takes his wallet everywhere he goes. Be the one to give him a stylish money keeper and card holder.

3. Perfect Perfume
Treat your loved one with a new manly scent. Who knows it just might become his new favourite.

4. Watches and More Watches
Choices are many, which makes it one of the best and go-to gift ideas for the gentleman. Besides, this gift will keep him always on time.

5. An Elegant Pen
Let a good elegant pen be his signature style than the regular ones. Check Mont Blanc for some inspiration.

6. Formal Shirt
This might sound old school but every gentleman appreciates a button up collared shirt. Dress him up for his next occasion.

7. Power Bank
Never underestimate the power bank. Solve his last minute low battery issues and be in contact around the clock.

8. Twisty Ties
For your dapper guy, there is always room for a new stylish tie in his collection

9. Vintage Guitars
This makes a great gift to play and for display. Your guy will love it, maybe you’ll get to discover a new hidden talent or two.

10. Gym Bag
A multipurpose gain of style can be fit for his gym or road trips. This essential item is a must-have for the fitness follower, so choose wisely.

11. Simple Sweater
Keep the man around you cosy and warm by getting him a woollen sweater for this winter.

12. Swift Sneakers
Everyone loves receiving a trendy, branded sneakers for those causal on-the-move days.

13. Grooming set
Upgrade his grooming kit with a gift a set full of essentials like moisturisers, shaving creams, hair oils, brushes, scissors, scrubs and serums.

14. Exotic Frankincense
If you’re on the lookout for something a little bit Omani, go for the aromatic frankincense, which will keep his surroundings fresh, exotic and welcoming.

15. Kashmiri Mussar
One can never have enough of these. Local or not, Omani headgears are true head turners when it comes to style. Match luxurious quality design with his favourite dishdasha, it’s worth every penny.

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