5 Things To Do In Sur, Oman

The coastal village of Sur has a rich, revered maritime history that dates back to the olden days of Oman, which was (and still is) known for its fishing culture. Located about two hours away from the capital, and is home to some of the iconic monuments such as the dhow factory, the bridge and the nearby fortresses. Here’s our list of five things to do when visiting this waterfront haven.

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The Dhow Factory

Located, on the west side of the bridge is the Dhow Factory, also known as the Dhow Yard. The place is the only traditional boat factory that continues to operate and build wooden ships and smaller boats, keeping the culture alive. It’s a must-visit.

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The Sur Maritime Museum

After exploring the ins-and-outs of building a traditional ship, you can stop by the Sur Maritime Museum, where history buffs will feel right at home. The museum houses a number of different Omani ships, marine tools, maps and pictures of the most famous ship-builders, sailors, seafarers and captains in ancient times. It truly is the perfect place for folks interested in Oman’s rich maritime history.

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The Lighthouse

Atop the places to visit in this village is the Al Ayjah’s iconic lighthouse. Located in the historical area of Ayjah, the tower used to offer a beautiful view of the town of Sur in all its glory, but it is closed to visitors. Instead, you can explore the surrounding area, which includes old merchant houses.

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The Forts

The town of Sur has 3 main castles: The 300 years old Sunaysilah Fort in the centre of Sur; 200 years old Bilad Sur Castle, a square-shaped monument with beautiful watchtowers in different levels and shapes; and the Al Ayjah Fort in the old village of Sur. All forts are architectural beauties that worth marvelling at.

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The Sur Corniche

A stroll by the sea is irresistible when visiting Sur. The corniche serves a picturesque view that stretches to the village of Al Ayjah. Make sure to grab your camera and take a few snapshots while enjoying the oceanic breeze that Sur has to offer.

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