Best Wadis To Visit In Oman

Weekending at one of Oman’s many wadis has become a ritual of some sort amongst the residents of Oman; and are also frequented by visitors who seek an adventure in the open; these picturesque valleys boast a relaxing atmosphere that allows us to unwind amidst Mother Nature’s finest work.

What visitors may not know is that Oman has a tremendous amount of wadis scattered across the country. From the Northern part of the country to the Dhofari land in the South, there is a place for the pickiest of travellers.

So which one of these environmental attractions interests you the most?

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Wadi Darbat

A trip to the southern part of Oman is incomplete without a stop at Wadi Darbat, an oasis of greenery with spectacular views from Mother Nature. The place is a tourist-favourite in Autumn, as the weather becomes pleasing to the senses. In addition to its captivating virgin nature, the place houses a number of water springs and caves, too.

Location: Taqa, Salalah, Dhofar

Coordinates: 17.1052° N, 54.4532° E

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Wadi Dayqah

The valley of Wadi Dayqah comprises 120 smaller wadis stretching from the Wilayah of Al Dimaa Wa Tayeen in the Sharqiya region to the farms of Qurayyat. The natural attraction is known for its year-round flow of clear waters that attract an immense amount of both locals and tourists who seek a refreshing dip in the pond.

Location: Wadi Dayqah Dam, Qurayyat

Coordinates: 23.0821° N, 58.8489° E

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Wadi Bani Khalid

One of the few wadis that maintain a continuous flow of clear waters throughout the year. The wadi is known for its scattered boulders and large pools of water. And, if you seek foot massages, then worry not, the tiny fish will be nibbling and dangling your feet as you splash some water.

Location: Wadi Bani Khalid, Al Sharqiyah 

Coordinates: 22° 36′ 7.20″ N, 59° 04′ 58.80″ E

Wadi Shab

Another wadi that’s located close to Wadi Bani Khalid is Wadi Shab, one of the most beautiful attractions with rugged atmosphere and wonderful views. Loved by tourists for its pools and hiking tracks. If you are an adventurer at heart, then a swim into the cave through the wadi is a must, as it will be an experience to remember. The lower end of the wadi is deep, so caution is advised.

Location: Wadi Shab, Al Sharqiyah

Coordinates: 22°50’13.72” N, 59°14’34.71″ E

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Wadi Al Khoudh

This hidden gem is located in the capital, in the old village of Al Khoudh, and is considered one of the largest valleys in the Sultanate. The place has an open space with patches of exotic greenery, and forms pools of water following heavy rains, serving some of the most beautiful vibes for picnic enthusiasts. If you have your 4×4, you can further explore the wadi and find yourself a perfect spot for the whole family.

Location: Al Khoudh Village, Seeb

Coordinates: 23.5887° N, 58.1262° E

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