Here’s Where You Can Take Your Kids In Muscat

A Quick Entertainment Guide For Your Little Ones

By Reemsha Akbar

Muscat offers several activities for kids of all age groups, where they engage in exciting and educational activities while exploring their newfound abilities. We have gathered a list of the best places to take your children on the weekend, indoors and out in the open.

Indoor Hotspots

Photo courtesy of Trampo Extreme

Trampo Extreme:

This place is currently the latest hype in town; it is an active place with a variety of activities and obstacle challenges for both adults and children. The place features Oman’s only indoor skating park and first indoor caving area, along with a football field for the little ones. The most exciting feature at is the Trampoline arena, where you and your kids can have a fun-filled jumping session.

Location: Ghala, Muscat
Contact: +968 2250 7223


As the name suggests, this place is a hotspot for all things fun. A cool indoor ice skating rink, a proper bowling area, an adventure Island with a selection of rides and game for kids, a 7D cinema for film aficionados and a soft play area for toddlers. The place gets packed during the weekends, so plan to stop by early.

Location: Qurum, Muscat
Contact: +968 2466 2928

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Children’s Museum:

The thrill starts right at the front door, where you will find yourself marvelling at the iconic white domed building that’s located on the Sultan Qaboos highway in Qurum. The museum offers 45 exhibits from the field of physics and science. It is an edutainment centre that offers an enlightening experience with plenty of activities. Photographing your own shadow, faking electric shocks, creating electricity by using energy, launching an air-balloon and exploring the insides of the human body are some of the fun things on offer. A must-visit for the little explorers.

Location: Qurum, Muscat
Contact: +968 2460 5368

Photo courtesy of Magic Planet MENA

Shopping Malls:

Most shopping malls in Oman have dedicated areas for children, which include arcade gaming facilities, water rides, roller coasters, ball pits, trains, bouncy castles and small climbing area. All can be explored in exchange for a minimal fee.

*Available at various malls such as Magic Planet at City Centre Muscat and City Centre Qurum, and Funtazmo at Oman Avenues Mall.

Outdoor Retreat

When it comes to outdoor activities, we cannot miss out on the gardened parks and beautiful beaches that Muscat has to offer. In almost every corner of Muscat, there are a couple of parks with slides, swings and playground.

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Riyam Park

This place is famous for having hilly gardens, amusement park, and an enormous incense burner that sits atop the hill, facing the Muttrah corniche. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a family picnic, too.

Location: Muttrah, Muscat


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Qurum Natural Park

Also known as the Rose Garden, located right in the heart of bustling Qurum. The place features beautifully manicured gardens and interlocked pathways, making it one of the best landscapes in town. And, children can stop by the adjacent Marah Land, an amusement park with bumper cars, roller coasters and Muscat’s only Ferris wheel.

Location: Qurum, Muscat


Shatti Al Qurum beach is the most popular beach in Oman, serving a lineup of delicious food offerings and boutique cafes. The kids can enjoy a whole day by the beach while you enjoy a sip of your favourite hot coffee.

In the Northern end of Muscat, there is Sur Al Hadid beach in Seeb, revamped with a fully equipped playground and workout bars to break a sweat while watching over your kids. The beach also features a basketball ground, all for free.

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