Restaurant Review: Binging On Ray’s Bagels

Oman’s First Dedicated Bagels Store




Coffee and bagel are all you need to start your day, and here at Ray’s Bagels, the pleasant aromas of comfort food are definitely calling.

Located in Al Ghubra nearby the Indian School, Ray’s Bagels serves German-style sandwiches with a twist to suit the local market, offering a variety of bagels for every palate.

The couple behind this bagel place have blessed us with some serious bagel goals. Driven by an absence of good options in the city, the husband-and-wife decided to give us some promising treats from their favourite baked goods.

With a homey ambience and warm palettes, the restaurant is a comfortable and inviting space that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch and early dinner.

As bagels have the tendency to be tough in texture, it’s best to have them served fresh, which is what Ray’s Bagels is all about: Fresh-out-the-oven.

Before placing our order, we wanted to know more about the sandwiches, so we had a quick chat with the chef. He insisted to have bagels as fatty as possible; these ring-shaped treats require a good partner to make them complete, which is why all sorta proteins and creamy sauces are added to give them an extra oomph.

The moderately priced menu sports quite a good combination of items, including a number of classic favourites such as salmon and cream cheese, which takes centre stage at every bagels menu in the world, as well as more interesting and localised options like camel meat.

We loved savouring cream cheese with eggs sandwiched on cheese and onion bagels, as well as cinnamon bagels. These shiny, glazed and slightly salty buns with eggs and cheese blends well with the flavour of the bagels.

Ray’s Bagels is a new and interesting concept in town and is a break to burger trend that’s happening in every corner of Oman. They will also be introducing flammkuchen (rectangular flatbread) to the menu. I cannot wait to come back and try it.

Ray’s Bagels

Location: Al Ghubra, Bousher (Nearby the Indian school)

Timings: 9am to 7pm, Sunday to Thursday. 2pm to 8pm on Saturdays.

Contact: +968 9633 5862

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