Dining In The Dark At Bahriyat

A New And Exciting Dining Experience In Muscat

For an evening where your palate does the guessing, Bahriyat Restaurant at Grand Millennium Muscat presents ‘Dining In The Dark’, where guests are handed blindfolds and guided to their table in complete darkness, to challenge their taste buds with the ultimate taste test. This brand-new sensory dining experience at Bahriyat will be the first of its kind in Oman.

The original concept was developed with the idea of ‘shedding some light’ on the sensory world of the blind. This empathic approach was originally meant to place the blind at something of an advantage relative to their normally sighted counterparts. Since inception, the model has grown to become one of the most exciting culinary experiences for food aficionados to see just how adept their palate is.

“We often take for granted the true flavours of our food, as they say ‘we eat with our eyes’. Being totally immersed in a blackened atmosphere allows your senses to explore the complete culinary journey, relying solely on aroma, texture and taste. It is also a lot of fun to experience!” – Chef Vito Fornelli, Cluster Executive Chef, Grand Millennium Muscat.

For this unique and entertaining evening, guests can enjoy live emcee and showmanship throughout the evening, set to the backdrop of soothing melodies from live violinist. Guests will be offered their own notepad to scribble down their guesses against each dish (handwriting is expected to be highly illegible).

The menu is strictly top-secret but dietary requirements are well-noted ahead of the dinner. The rest remains a mystery; only your first bite will give you an insight into the dish that lies before you.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact:

Wednesday 12th December
7PM – 10PM
OMR 24.500 (Includes Dinner, Soft Beverages, Apron, Blind Fold and NotePad)
Price Is Per Person inclusive all taxes
Be sure to book in advance, tickets selling quickly
+968 2234 2222

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