Safiya Al Bahlani Launches A New Art Gallery In Muscat

Colours, shapes and inner emotions are the key elements that take centre stage on Safiya Al Bahlani’s canvas. Driven by an unparalleled passion for the arts, the talented Omani artist has evolved over the years to become a known figure who has perfected her skills in traditional, digital and mixed media arts. This week, she launched her very own gallery to share her art with the world, while offering a platform for other artists in Oman.

Called Safiya Arts Gallery, the place focuses on showcasing different types of art, ranging from cultural, to modern and contemporary, with an aim to create a community of thriving artists. Currently displaying a National Day-inspired exhibition titled ‘Qaboos’.

“Opening a gallery was a dream I had for many years. I was always looking for a platform to showcase my art as a permanent base” said the artist, adding that having a platform enables her to not only exhibit her artistic endeavours but also be part of something greater, something that will be a launching pad for many other artists.

All of Safiya’s artworks have a little touch of Oman, and each art piece expresses a new challenge, approach, technique or art medium, usually in large-scale format or delicately detailed design, which is on display for art-enthusiasts to marvel at.

To elevate the launching experience, Safiya has collaborated with a jewellery designer Hannah Al Lawati to bring another form of fine art in the picture. The pieces represent a fusion of Arabic, European and South American cultures, catering to a diverse audience.

“In this exhibition, Hannah transforms Omani jewellery, monuments, and Arabic typography into an exciting array of abstract wearable art,” said Safiya.

With future plans to hold more exhibitions and rigorous workshops, the gallery will offer golden opportunities to local artists to express their creative energy.

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