Meet Omani Macro Photographer Fascinated By Insects

Captivated by insects, Hamed Al Busaidi has dedicated his life to exploring wonderful ways to reveal beautiful intricacies of tiny creatures, and to document animals that are usually left unnoticed.

Since embarking on his creative journey, the Omani macro photographer proved to the society that small is beautiful, and whether he captures them out in the open or in the comfort of his home, he ensures to capture the perfect frame, pulling rich, intriguing details that will leave your jaw dropped to the floor.

His art has landed him a number of national and regional exhibitions and won him prestigious awards, including the ‘Nasoon Omanuna’ which he won first place. Today, he has crafted a body of work that celebrates the uniqueness of his colourful subjects in a way only Hamed could do it.

Aside from future plans to participate in new exhibitions, the artist will be part of a book that collects 220 artworks of more than 100 wildlife species, photographed by 69 local and resident photographers in Oman.

We had a quick chat with the artist to talk about his fascination with the world of insects and which bug is his absolute favourite.

What inspired you to enter the field of insect photography?

I feel that the field of macro and insects was neglected when I first started my photography journey in Oman; most Omani photographers were going towards nature and portrait type of fields. I wanted to find something a bit unique, so I decided to go with macro photography because I’ve always admired the details that come with it, details that cannot be seen with the naked eye, which makes you reflect on the greatness of the Creator Almighty.

Where in town do you usually find your subjects?

You can find insects almost anywhere, but some are difficult to spot because of their tiny size and the way they hide. I usually look for insects in farms and wadis (valleys). It also depends on seasons and places, too.

What would you say is the perfect insect to photograph?

I quite enjoyed shooting the jumping spider; it carries two large eyes in a total of eight, all in the front of its head. And, it has the ability to catch its prey by jumping fast. How brilliant!

Which insects scare you the most?

There are insects that must be treated with caution, such as bees and scorpions. I usually avoid shooting them or even searching for them beside these type of creatures attack quite fast.

Do you keep any insects as pets at home?

I tried but unfortunately, my full-time job keeps me busy, and it’s also kind of difficult because the lifespan of these creatures is not long. Sometimes I’d catch a few bugs just to photograph them and then I’d set them free.

Share with us some interesting facts about macro photography

Macro photography is all about showing details, so it’s important to get the crisp details rather than a beautifully framed photo. Also, the lighting is fundamental, because we’re dealing with precise details, which can be lost if the lighting is harsh and reflective.

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